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Ban appeal template, rules for ban appeals

Hello in this post I'm gonna be explaining the rules on ban appeals and show you the way you have to do the appeal

You must be honest when you appeal your ban
Make sure you answer the questions don't leave any blank if you don't know on one of the questions say you don't know
Only make one ban appeal as if there are many you will be not be unbanned and banned from the forums
When the question says explain please explain it clearly example: why were you banned. Explain. Explain clearly

ban appeal template: (copy from below this)

minecraft username:

what was the reason that you were banned:

who banned you:

how long have you played on the server:

why were you banned. explain:

how many warnings or punishments did you have before the ban:

how long have you been banned for (for bans over a year old the ban appeal may not be accepted):

Why shouldn't we file this in the bin:
[Image: a.php?i=2&h=Achievement+Get%21&t=Own+a+server%21]

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