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[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]Hello! So way back in 2013, young me was searching Minecraft forums for a fun creative server and happened to stumble across a forum post, which advertised Dabblecraft as “the best creative server in the world!” Intrigued, I decided to join and instantly became hooked. I spent hours on this server and ended up making some of my first online friends. Sadly, after awhile, I got banned for lying to the owner (young me wasn’t the brightest) and I ended up losing all the friendships I made and the hours spent on the server. Fast forward to now, probably about 4 or 5 years later. I was feeling pretty nostalgic and decided to do some investigating about the first server I ever actually spent hours on. Imagine my surprise when I found this, a website for a server calling itself Dabblecraft 2.0, which is run by keough99, one of the original players of Dabblecraft server! You have no idea how shocked I am to find this, and honestly, overjoyed. I doubt any of my friends still play (Xavier? Drogo? Sadly, I forgot some of the others...) and I doubt any of you even remember me (WolfGirl3888) but it’s still pretty amazing to find the server restarted! Right now, it marks the server as offline but is it still active? Am I able to get online and actually play? [/font][/font]

Don’t go by the status thing for the server status it doesn’t work. The server is currently under a redo with no ETA on release. Xavier and Drogo joined the server at one point a year or two ago but haven’t joined back since
[Image: a.php?i=2&h=Achievement+Get%21&t=Own+a+server%21]

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